Welcome to Barnmorskorna Malmö

Barnmorskorna Malmö is located in Lindängen, at Nydala and in Bunkeflo in Malmö. We welcome expectant mothers or those with questions about becoming pregnant. You are also welcome to contact us for counseling or advice about birth control options and sexual health. We offer Pap Smear testing for free and testing for sexually transmitted diseases.

Our entire staff of health care specialists works to ensure you receive the best care for your personal needs in a respectful and professional environment.

Barnmorskorna Malmö is a part of Lindängens Family Center and Nydala Family Center.

The services of Barnmorskorna Malmö are paid for by Region Skåne. Appointments for pregnancy, birth control STD testing  and PAP Smears are free of charge.

Office Hours:


Monday to Friday 8–16


Monday to Tuesday 8–16
Thursday 8–16


Monday 8–16
Wednesday 8–16
Friday 8–16

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Telephone contact:
weekdays from 09.00 – 10.00

We are closed on weekends and all public holidays.